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Achilles Audits & Assessments

Validate a supplier's capability, competence and compliance

Achilles assessments are an integral element of our Achilles Supplier Management (SMS) and Achilles Total Supplier Management (TSMS) solutions. They perform the validation of evidence regarding a supplier's capability, competence and compliance within agreed parameters. These criteria can include industry standards and norms, recognised best practice or country-specific laws.

Our assessment programmes cover the validation of supplier pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) through to physical on-site audits for suppliers at the higher end of the risk profile / criticality model.



The assurance and benefits of Achilles verification

Audits are typically carried out on-site by Achilles and provide a trusted and independent verification of a supplier's capabilities. The audit model is flexible, reflecting the size and criticality of the supplier organisation. Buying organisations' procurement and compliance teams can be confident that the
audit information provided to them has been rigorously assessed against relevant industry criteria by qualified assessors with appropriate sector experience.

Achilles auditing programmes can include management systems verification for key areas of supplier risk including:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Factory Assessment
  • Quality           
  • Business continuity
  • Human Resources                              

Where required, improvement plans and corrective actions are set in place and agreed with suppliers.

Our Assessment Model

Achilles Assessment Model

The diagram below shows how the 3 key assessment stages of registration, questionnaires and audit can be used to qualify supplier compliance based on the Buyers' risk model.

Achilles Assessment Model

Qualified Assessors

Fully Licensed and Qualified Assessors

All our Achilles auditors are lead-assessor qualified and have undertaken auditor training validated by IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors) or equivalent. They undergo independent licensing having passed Achilles' examinations assessing their core competencies.  Specific scheme training and on-going continuing professional development are used to maintain auditor standards.

Sector-specific Audits

Sector-specific Audit Processes

We work with our sector communities to establish audit programmes tailored to specific industries. Key Achilles personnel use their relevant industry specific experience. The scope of each audit is regularly reviewed and improved with input from industry stakeholder groups.

The resulting supplier audit reports, once approved for publication, are made available online to community members.

The Achilles Audit process follows 4 high-level stages:

  • Develop an Audit standard with an industry sector Community;
  • Roll-out the agreed Audit standard across the industry sector Community;
  • Audit designated suppliers on joining the Community, and annually thereafter;
  • Community buyers use the Audit information to support their Supplier selection processes within the Community


The Achilles Difference
Achilles acts as an independent partner, providing validated data and insightful analytics to enable buyers across a sector to identify and manage risk, and suppliers to increase market reach while increasing compliance and minimising costs for the network as a whole.

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