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20 March 2014
A gang comprising more than 1,000 people push counterfeit drugs; dozens are arrested amid claims horse meat for trials entered the food chain and a company’s sales plummet 61% almost overnight. This sounds like the plot of a thriller movie, but these are all real issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry, in terms of reputation and the bottom line.  
06 March 2014
Infrastructure bosses must act now to protect themselves from supplier challenges. It sounds like a dream come true for anyone working in regulated procurement. After the biggest shake-up in a decade, a raft of brand new EU Directives look set to speed up, simplify, and reduce the cost of utilities procurement. The new rules are also aimed at creating a level playing-field for suppliers of all sizes while clarifying ‘gaps’ in legislation.  
30 January 2014
Food manufacturers urged to ‘map’ supply chains as 40% don’t know the identity of all their suppliers.  
19 November 2013
2013 was characterised by high-profile supply chain disruptions involving suppliers at Tier 2 and below. This paper from Achilles and IFF research examines a key contributory factor – the lack of information about suppliers in lower tiers.  
04 November 2013
After months of supply chain scandals in the food sector, 31 major investment funds are quite right to call on the food industry’s 10 biggest companies to improve their supply chain policies and transparency to protect people, planet and profit.  
01 October 2013
Around 96% of businesses in the UK are SMEs but they’re only winning around 10.5% of public sector contracts, less than half the target set by Government. These numbers present a unique opportunity for SMES to secure more work within the public sector, if the latest Government proposals can be fine-tuned.  
03 September 2013
With natural disasters, factory fires, CSR issues and health and safety failures increasingly impacting global supply chains, mapping the supply chain down through every tier is the only way to mitigate a growing burden of risk.  
31 August 2013
Read a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Achilles as deployed by a large utilities company.  
29 July 2013
In a matter of months, retail businesses across the world have been rocked by a series of supply chain disruptions, which have highlighted the true cost of ‘value’ food and clothes. The Bangladesh factory collapse and the UK horse meat scandal reinforced the fact retail is now totally globalised and that businesses must gain greater visibility of potential risks throughout their supply chains.  
23 July 2013
The agreement is a brave and important step for retailers – used to working in fierce competition - to work collaboratively to reduce risk in the industry and other sectors should follow their lead. However, this agreement should really be a first step on a long journey to making the clothing industry safer and more sustainable.  
31 May 2013
One in five (18 per cent) businesses know absolutely nothing about their suppliers' suppliers. 40 per cent of businesses procuring only in the UK have no information on Tier 2 suppliers.  
21 May 2013
How to cut complexity, effort and cost from the risk mitigation process.  
15 May 2013
The UK is undoubtedly in austere times. With the recent downgrade of the UK credit rating and confirmation that growth will remain sluggish in 2013 from the Budget, it could be tempting for businesses to push sustainability to the bottom of the agenda.  
23 April 2013
Apple recently published the findings of an audit of its supply chain, which revealed a number of human rights and environmental breaches, including the use of illegal child labour by some suppliers. At a time when businesses are increasingly under public scrutiny and facing financial constraints due to economic conditions, this was a bold but necessary step.  
10 April 2013
Chancellor George Osborne announced in his budget that UK small and medium businesses (SMEs) are set to get five times as much from government contracts in 2014-15 as they did in 2012. But will this new scheme, called the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), actually help innovative small businesses get their fair share of work in the public sector?  
20 February 2013
‘Best practice’ collaborative techniques developed within the UK oil and gas sector should be used to drive greater value in international markets.  
18 January 2013
With the UK government’s issuing of 167 new oil and gas licences to companies looking to drill in the North Sea attracting 224 applications, the industry is set to experience a period of renewed activity. Tax allowances also appear to be playing a part in unlocking billions of pounds of investment in mature fields, creating an expectation of increased business for many suppliers to the oil and gas sector in 2013 and beyond.  

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