Industry Insights
29 January 2015
The UK wind and marine sectors have had a positive 2014 and conditions are expected to continue into next year.  
27 January 2015
Regularly auditing suppliers is crucial to ensure they are complying to standards as Chipotle’s example shows.  
22 January 2015
The Low Carbon Network Fund will help DNOs understand how they can make the switch to low carbon technology.  
21 January 2015
Supply chain risks and business interruption are key concerns for entrepreneurs worldwide.  
20 January 2015
Increasing collaboration between buyers and suppliers in the grocery sector could generate significant cost savings, according to experts.  
15 January 2015
Offshore wind is going from strength to strength and suppliers can position themselves to take advantage of it.  
13 January 2015
With Sweden’s government pledging considerable investment in its infrastructure - particularly rail - suppliers working in the transport sector now have the ideal opportunity to expand into the country.  
12 January 2015
Detailed guidance to help businesses understand ESOS.  
08 January 2015
Sweden is investing heavily in its rail infrastructure, creating opportunities for suppliers.  
07 January 2015
Supplier diversity is important to enable businesses to tap into innovation, flexibility and cost savings.  
06 January 2015
Businesses need to consider how they can help to lower carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.  
18 December 2014
How can organisations improve their procurement function?  
15 December 2014
ENERGY firms could be on the way to becoming known for being socially responsible, in line with a raft of new rules encouraging them to deliver ‘social value’ through their work.  
15 December 2014
Businesses need to improve transparency in order to tackle ethical violations in their supply chains.  
11 December 2014
DONG Energy is working on four offshore wind projects, creating plenty of opportunities for small and medium suppliers.  
25 November 2014
There is a lack of knowledge when it comes to EU procurement, especially among non-procurement professionals.  
20 November 2014
Supply chains need to be used as strategic tools, according to one expert.  
14 November 2014
Thames Water has mandated probing health and safety audits for all of its suppliers. One year in and it has seen contractor health and safety incidents fall by half.  
11 November 2014
SMEs need to ensure they have demand, are compliant, have connections and can boast the relevant knowledge when moving into a new sector.  
06 November 2014
Education is important to ensure non-procurement professionals understand EU regulation.  
04 November 2014
Many procurement risks are more subtle than headline grabbing natural disasters or human rights violations and need managing properly.  
30 October 2014
Suppliers need to understand what is expected of them in terms of health and safety in each sector in which they operate.  
28 October 2014
A lack of sub-contractors is changing the dynamic in the construction industry.  
23 October 2014
Wind and solar technologies are transforming the utilities industry.  
21 October 2014
With the UK geared for growth, businesses that thrive will be those that work to increase their market reach.  
15 October 2014
Bribery is a supply chain risk but many businesses don't take steps to address it.  
14 October 2014
The North Sea is witnessing a decline in production but the future in still bright.  
09 October 2014
The rail sector is a highly competitive market and suppliers need to ensure they're properly prepared before making the move.  
08 October 2014
Fresh from a series of high-profile supply chain incidents across the globe, Achilles commissioned a study to investigate how confident large buyers are in their suppliers - particularly beyond Tier 1, and including providers in emerging markets.  
07 October 2014
The nature of carbon means it's often hard for businesses to realise its impact.  
03 October 2014
Construction companies are having a cash crisis and suppliers need to demonstrate their ability to help companies manage this pain point.  
02 October 2014
The pre-qualification questionnaire covers everything from products/services to corporate social responsibility.  
26 September 2014
Focusing on the 'knowns' of risk management can make the process much easier  
25 September 2014
The supply chain may be becoming more equal, with smaller supplies increasing being able to compete with their larger counterparts.  
24 September 2014
The decision to have a single or multiple vendor sourcing strategy is often a context-dependent one.  
23 September 2014
Procurement professionals need to demonstrate that they can source responsibly.  
19 September 2014
Research shows risk levels are improving in the supply chain but modern day slavery continues to be a real threat.  
18 September 2014
Figures have suggested that consumers aren't putting enough focus on ethical procurement but businesses must not underestimate its importance.  
17 September 2014
Emergency planning is important to ensure supply chains continue to function when disaster strikes.  
16 September 2014
Suppliers can demonstrate their value to utilities buyers by helping them manage their pain points.  
12 September 2014
It's important to make the most out of your Achilles subscription as a supplier.  
11 September 2014
Tesco has been criticised for not living up to its ethics, reminding others the importance of ensuring values run throughout a business.  
10 September 2014
SMEs need to be able to compete against their larger counterparts and ensure a fair market.  
09 September 2014
Suppliers can limit the stress of buyer meetings by having the right processes in place.  
04 September 2014
A frost has wiped out the majority of hazelnut supply, putting Nutella at risk.  
03 September 2014
To be competitive, suppliers in the utilities industry need to ensure they're helping buyers manage their pain points.  
28 August 2014
The majority of buyers believe there are better suppliers out there than the ones they have according to research from blur group.  
27 August 2014
Supply chain management relies on strong relationships in order to be effective.  
26 August 2014
Offshore wind farms are a focus for the UK but rely on supply chain excellence.  
20 August 2014
SMEs are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of risk management but it's still a challenge for businesses.  
18 August 2014
Climate change is recognised as a risk but isn't being properly acted upon, according to research.  
11 August 2014
Flood risk is intensifying and more needs to be done to address it.  
08 August 2014
It’s an uncomfortable truth that when we buy some types of jewellery, a smart phone or a replacement part for a computer, we might inadvertently be supporting armed conflicts and child labour thousands of miles away from our homes.  
07 August 2014
Customers play an important role in the creation of supply chains.  
06 August 2014
External factors can affect who you do business with and how.  
05 August 2014
Businesses need to minimise waste in the supply chain to create more sustainable and cost effective operations.  
04 August 2014
Suppliers need to put their emphasis on quality if they want to be competitive.  
31 July 2014
As reshoring kicks into gear, buyers need to look at how they can capitalise on the changes.  
30 July 2014
If you're considering entering the construction industry there are a few things you need to consider.  
29 July 2014
Buyers need to work with suppliers to ensure compliance with carbon reduction initiatives.  
24 July 2014
The Water Act will bring benefits for both buyers and suppliers.  
23 July 2014
Achilles audits and assessment are a crucial part of validating the capability, competence and compliance of suppliers.  
22 July 2014
Finances often get prioritised over the environment, but it's possible to cultivate both.  
21 July 2014
Feedback is important for businesses to ensure they are able to continuously improve.  
18 July 2014
To tackle slavery businesses need full visibility of their supply chain.  
17 July 2014
Businesses need to understand their obligations under ESOS.  
16 July 2014
To ensure supply chain excellence consistent data is crucial.  
15 July 2014
Insurance is crucial for suppliers when trying to secure a contract.  
11 July 2014
If suppliers want to be considered for certain opportunities, they will need to complete Additional Questions.  
11 July 2014
PwC claims businesses need to better manage their risk in order to thrive.  
10 July 2014
Weather, politics, economics, compliance and reputation are five key areas of supply chain risk that need to be properly managed.  
09 July 2014
Suppliers considering moving into the utilities sector should be aware of five key industry touch-points.  
08 July 2014
Supply chain ethics are integral and businesses need to understand what they are and how to maintain them.  
07 July 2014
Suppliers need to ensure they disclose everything when filling out the Achilles questionnaire.  
04 July 2014
Becoming an Achilles-verified supplier comes with many long-term benefits.  
03 July 2014
Achilles can help supply chain businesses improve their carbon reduction and ensure their operations are sustainable.  
02 July 2014
Supply chain mapping is important for businesses to realise their corporate social responsibility policies.  
01 July 2014
Buyers need to deliver return on investment to ensure procurement adds values, so how can Achilles help?  
30 June 2014
If you decide to move into the oil and gas sector there are a few imperatives to be aware of to ensure the transition is a success.  
27 June 2014
ESOS will require businesses to report energy usage and there are four ways this can be done.  

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