The oil and gas industry is a dynamic and complex environment that has been struggling to come back from the 2015 crash. The Achilles JQS community, created in 1991, has been a constant during this time, thanks to input from a steering committee comprising of representatives from various oil companies as well as some of the region’s largest Tier 1 buying organisations.


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Community Features

A simpler way to give buyers what they’re looking for – starting with information


Regular reporting provides current and potential buyers with clear visibility of your capabilities.

Document management

Maintain and manage business-critical supporting documentation such as certificates and policies in one central secure location.


Demonstrate a higher level of compliance with your potential buyer.

“Joining Achilles was essential for us as many of our clients were keen to see a proven and compliant supply chain.”

Kathie Higginson, Marketing Manager, WRS

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We don’t believe in one size fits all – so we’ve provided different pricing options based on the number of your product and services you want to make searchable with their own product codes.

Tier 0

1-5 product codes

5520 NOK/6900 NOK per year

Tier 1

6-15 product codes

6520 NOK/8150 NOK per year

Tier 2

16-25 product codes

7600 NOK/9500 NOK per year

Tier 3

26+ product codes

8700 NOK/10875 NOK per year

*The higher prices listed are inclusive of 25% VAT. These prices are applicable to companies registered in Norway.

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